Week 5: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

aint got time

Ho hum just another up and down week, as we wrapped up Week 4 at 6-5 (2 adds via the twitter @BetOppositeOfMe). This moves the BOOMs to 15-13-1 on the young season.

To recap. Week 4 started off well with a Friday night BOOM, on an Over (all three games Friday went Over, just sayin…). We were a Navy 4th down stop in OT from getting to 4-0 on the week, but that was more than made up for when Urban Meyer went for the cover in the last minutes of a blowout in Columbus. Sprinkle in Bama missing the cover (but hitting the over), completely air balling the Texas Tech game, and Oregon choking their way to our Over…and it was one interesting week. While I will never be one to complain about back-to-back winning weeks or being over .500. Enough is enough. It’s time to win big, because while treading water is great…ain’t nobody got time for that!

With Week 5 upon us, it brings some major matchups of ranked teams. Stanford @ ND and Ohio St. @ Penn St. will be two games that shape the landscape of the college football playoff. Make sure you have 2 TV’s (at minimum) hooked up Saturday night because you won’t want to miss this. In terms of the picks, we are going to go with a little smaller card this week. Not because there aren’t more games I like, it’s just that I LOVE these plays. Plus the best way to end the mediocrity is to just go bigger on a smaller number of games. So loosen up the wallet, follow along and go 7-0. Because…

its time


Friday Night Special

8:00pm: Memphis -13.5 @ Tulane

Having watched Tulane @ Ohio State from start to finish last week, the biggest takeaway I have that translates to this game, is that I don’t think Jonathan Banks can keep pace with Memphis. While its probably unfair to judge him solely off a game against the Buckeyes, the passing game just didn’t seem to show much of anything. One thing I know from watching Memphis, is they can and will score. They don’t take their foot off the gas and go for the jugular whenever possible. Banks and Tulane can run, but that isn’t usually what works in keeping pace with the Tigers. While laying points on the road usually isn’t the best idea, it’s been a pretty good week for Tigers…


Final Prediction: Memphis 44 Tulane 24

Early Slate

Noon: WVU @ Texas Tech O75

You might ask, why? Didn’t I learn my lesson last seek? Why, you ask. I’ll tell you why.


Just look at that box score. Sure Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma, nor Maholmes are involved. I’ll tell you who is involved though. Will Grier, WVU, and Texas Tech. I remember two years ago debating that Over (which was higher than 75) and at the last minute I clicked submit. Needless to say that game was fun to watch. I couldn’t imagine if I didn’t have the Over. It would have ruined the game for me.

I am betting this Over to avoid that from happening and hopefully capturing the same feeling I had in 2016…


Final Prediction: WVU 54 Texas Tech 48

Noon: Arkansas @ Tex. A&M -21

Pretty cut and dry here. A&M is a very good team, that nearly beat #2 Clemson a few weeks ago. While they didn’t fare quite as well with #1 Bama last week on the road (who would?), they did at least manage to score some points and cover the spread. Kellen Mond is the truth and will be the best player on the field Saturday.

However, the most important piece of information for this game is quite simple.

Arkansas stinks.


Final Prediction: A&M 45 Arkansas 17

Night Slate

6:00pm: Florida +7.5 @ Miss. St.

Too many points. That simple. Dan Mullen, in year 1 of his “Rebuild” at Florida, is starting to get things going. QB Feleipe Franks is already reaping the benefits of having Mullen (see Teebow, Dak…etc.) coaching him up. Combine that with the Gators defense starting to get healthy and I just don’t see them getting blown out in Starkville. Also, you have to think Mullen wants to go into his old stomping grounds and get a victory. So long as Florida can withstand the early crowd/atmosphere, I see this going right down to the end. Plus sometimes you just have to back a coach that looks like Cousin Eddie…


Final Prediction: Miss. St. 27 Florida 24

7:30pm: S. Carolina @ Kentucky -1.5

It’s not quite basketball season yet. So Lexington should be ROCKING Saturday night. The Wildcats are off to their best start in quite sometime at 4-0, including wins versus both Florida and Mississippi St. Is South Carolina a better football school? Probably. But let’s ride this wave of momentum, especially at home, because you never know when the next big one will be here…


Final Prediction: Kentucky 27 S. Carolina 20

7:30pm: Ohio St. @ Penn St. O70.5


Ok. You have the #1 offense in the country (PSU 55.5ppg) versus the #2 offense in the country (OSU 54.5ppg). While from a points per game standpoint neither defense is bad, if you have watched them play you will notice one thing. Both are susceptible to big plays. That doesn’t bode well for trying to stop Dwayne Haskins & Co. or Trace Mcsorley & Co. Hammer the over now as it will keep climbing (Opened at 64).

Final Prediction: Ohio St. 45 Penn St. 38

Late Night Special

10:30pm: Toledo @ Fresno St. O62

You remember how I said it would feel awful to have been watching the Oklahoma/Texas Tech game in 2016 and not have the Over.

Well this a reenactment of what I looked like last week when I saw this http://www.espn.com/college-football/boxscore?gameId=401020685


Not this time. Taking the Toledo Over out of principle to wrap up Week 5

Final Prediction: Fresno St. 40 Toledo 37

There you have it. Only 7 for ya this week. 3 Overs, 3 Favorites, and 1 lonely Dog.

Fade em if you want. But it’s time for some winners. So don’t get mad when I’m eating well and you go hungry this week.


#BOOM #CHEERS #SaturdaysAreForTheOver


Week 2: Let’s Be Frank


In what has become a tradition unlike any other, I am back after quite the long break. Many rumors of my demise have been circling the interwebs for several months. However, last week whispers of my return began to pop up across social media platforms. Those whispers were proven true when I dusted off The Ol’Twitter Account (@BetOppositeOfMe). Went 3-1 during the rehab stint…won enough money to buy a new laptop…said new laptop led me to log-in…the rest will be history.

For those that are new or in case you have forgotten. There are three rules of BOOM:

1.  Bet the opposite of me if you wanna win (But if you do I hope you lose)
2.  Friends don’t let friends bet unders
3.  Saturdays Are For The Overs

As we dive into Week 2, Let’s be FRANK, this slate of games is ugly. Really, really ugly. But that is why gambling is the best. Even the ugliest of Weeks of College Football is better than no college football. Before we know it, it will be bowl season and then the off-season. So let’s enjoy it. With all that out of the way, it’s time to get to the picks.


Early Slate

12pm: GTECH @ USF O61

No better way to start things off than with an Over. What we have here are two teams that utilize specialized offenses. First you have Paul Johnson’s Triple Option attack of Georgia Tech, led by returning starter, TaQuon Marshall (Senior). Marshall, who ran for over 100 yards 6 times last year, will be joined in the backfield by a stable of capable runners. The leader of that pack is KirVonte Benson. Expect to see some long time consuming drives by the Yellow Jackets but also a few long TD runs.

On the other sideline, Charlie Strong’s offense is led by Sterlin Gilbert. You might ask, Who? I’ll tell you who. Gilbert is part of the Art Briles coaching tree and brings the veer and shoot offense with him to South Florida. While replacing Quinton Flowers at QB (one of the best USF players of all time) will be a tough ask, Blake Barnett, a former 5 Star from Alabama, seems up for the task.

Let’s start the day off right. I’m ready to rock the over.


Final Prediction: GTECH 41 USF 38

12pm:  Nevada @ Vandy O62

Every week I sit down and look at all the matchups. Usually a game or two just scream over to me. This week as a was scanning the schedule, I came across the Nevada/Vandy game. There it was.

gallagher 2

While Vandy likes to Ground and Pound it, Nevada should dictate the pace in this one. The Pack like to air it out and put pressure on opposing defenses. I see this one going down the wire. Who cares who wins though. Just need those points.

Final Prediction: Vandy 40 Nevada 35

12pm:  Mississippi St. @  Kansas St +7.5

Live look at my brain as I battled between the Mississipi St/Nick Fitzgerald hype and Bill Snyder’s history as a home dog.


In the end I settled on backing Bill Snyder and Kansas State. You just can’t argue with history. Early Kick. In Manhattan. Coming off a bad week. All the ingredients for a sleepy start for Mississippi State. I don’t know how the old man will do it, but expect him to get his squad ready to play and nearly pull the “upset”.

Final Prediction: Miss. St. 27 Kansas St. 24


Mid-Day Slate

3:30pm: Colorado @ Nebraska O64.5

Scott Frost’s offense, back home. Delayed homecoming due to weather last week. Sit back and enjoy.


Final Prediction: Nebraska 41 Colorado 37

3:30pm:  Rutgers @ Ohio St. -34.5

The Dwayne Haskins Era is here and it is very much real. While it was just Oregon State, that Buckeye offense sure did look impressive. Haskins’ ability to throw opens up the offense and adds an element that hasn’t been present since the Cardale Jones 3 Game Championship run. What may be even more important is the fact that Haskins is not asked to run the ball. This equals more carries for JK Dobbins and Mike Weber. Watch out. As for Rutgers, well…

2014: Ohio St. 56 Rutgers 17

2015: Ohio St. 49 Rutgers 7

2016: Ohio St. 58 Rutgers 0

2017: Ohio St. 56 Rutgers 0

Live look at Rutgers entering Columbus Saturday afternoon. Watch out for the train.


Final Prediction: Ohio St. 59 Rutgers 10

3:30pm:  Georgia @ South Carolina +10

I’ve gone back and forth on this one all week. Not on which team, but if I want the points or the Money Line.  South Carolina has to win a game like this eventually. I think its Saturday at 3:30pm. Alas, I chose the points and will be hitting myself when I lose out on that juicy money line pay out.

Final Prediction: South Carolina 31 Georgia 24


Night Slate

7pm: Clemson @ Texas A&M +11

This is the game that will either make me feel real smart or realllllly stupid. I feel like the public is picking up steam on Texas A&M, which makes me hate it even more.

I’m putting my money on Jimbo in his first big spot as the Aggies’ coach.

I’m putting my money on the 12th man.

I’m putting my money on a home dog, playing at night.

I’m also putting my money against Clemson and that defense. That scares me and is something I may regret 5 minutes into the game. But in the end this is the choice I have made.


Final Prediction: Clemson 24 Texas A&M 17

7:30pm:  Fresno St. @ Minnesota O48.5

Don’t over think this one. Minnesota may not be rowing the boat quite yet, but the boat is at least floating now. The offense is starting to hum. The defense isn’t there yet, but that is perfect for the over. Fresno should be able to hang with the Gophers here. Shooting fish in a barrel. Points, points, points…


Final Prediction: Minnesota 34 Fresno St. 27

8pm:  Penn St. @ Pitt. O55 (Heinz Field)

End it with another Over. While I won’t overreact as much as others after last week’s Appalachian State game. One take away is that the PSU defense has it’s issues. These are issues that their offense should be able to overcome for now though. There will be a lot of pride on the line at Heinz Field, as these two rivalries square off. I don’t think this will be an easy Over but there is value to be had at 55. I expect a competitive game that Penn State pulls off in the 4th quarter. Rivarly games typically provide sparks, so a Pick 6 and/or big special teams play, could be the difference makers for the game and our bet.

That’s the 5th over of the week…


Final Prediction: Penn St. 37 Pitt 27

That will do it for Week 2. 9 plays. 5 Overs. Few home dogs. And the Buckeyes.

Fade these picks and get rich….but as always I hope you lose then.

And FRANKLY I don’t care

middle finger gall

#BOOM #CHEERS #SaturdaysAreForTheOver






Week 14:For The Love Of God. Cherish It!

Seems like just yesterday I was sitting on my couch watching college gameday, anxiously waiting for the first weekend of college football. Not a care in world and taking it all for granted. I wish my present self could go back in time, grab that guy on the couch by the face and take a cue from the genius Billy Madison…and yell…

“Stay here  Stay here as long as you can. For the love God, cherish it. You have to cherish it.”

Instead, here we sit…Championship Week. Last games before Bowl Season. Damn.

Enough sulking, time for the positives. We went 8-7 last week between the blog and official Twitter Adds  (@BetOppositeOfMe ) . That moves us to 32-25 overall. Not great but profit is profit. Small slate of games this week so less action…but that just means bet more money. Time to hand out some winners, which if you fade them they are guaranteed to be winners for one of us (hopefully me). And away we go…

PAC12 Title: Colorado +7.5 @ Washington

Could not have been more wrong about Washington last week. They absolutely undressed the Wazzu secondary on their way to a blow out win. Things were so bad I think Mike Leach may have locked him self in a storage closet. This week however, Jake Browning and his receiving core are facing a much more stout secondary and defense. On the other side of the ball I feel like Sefo Liufau should be able to give the Huskies some trouble. Unlike last week against Faulk, Washington has to worry about the mobility of the QB this week. I am by no means calling for the upset here, as I think Washington hangs on to win and clinch their spot in the College Football Playoff. However, give me the 7 and the hook here. Go Buffaloes!

Conference USA: LaTech @ Western Kentucky Over 80

Don’t over think this thing. Western Kentucky scores points as quickly and as often as they need to. The biggest issue has been they get too large of leads sometimes, leading them to take their foot of the gas. Well that should not be the case this week. Louisiana Tech will bring in and offense ranked 10th nationally in Offensive Efficiency. That is a pretty good answer for the WKU offense that is 12th nationally in Offensive Efficiency. Per usual, the Hilltoppers led by Mike White, will score, score, and score more. Fortunately for the Over, the Bulldogs should do that too, thus allowing WKU to keep their foot firmly on the gas.

AAC Title: Temple @ Navy -2.5 / Over 61

Two of my favorites teams this year, squaring off for the American Athletic Conference Title here. If this game was played 5 weeks ago, I’d be on the Owls..but it’s not. The Navy offense is humming along better than almost any in the country. Sure there defense is not great, but that’s why we are taking the Over here too. If you simply bet Navy, the Navy Over, and parlayed them the last handful of weeks…well you’d have lot’s of money. So let’s take Navy and the Over here and get us some cash.

ACC Title: VTech +10 @ Clemson

Seems like everyone has already penciled the Tigers into their Playoff Bracket. Well, not so fast my friends!

Well maybe not. But I think the Hokies hang around in this one. They have a solid defense to go along with a good quarterback and possibly the best pass catcher in football. If the good Clemson shows up, maybe I look foolish here…but I have seen the bad Clemson show up too often this year. Clemson probably wins and everyone’s Playoff Bracket will be ok…but I will take the points and sweat this one out till the last whistle.

Big Ten Title: Wisconsin -3 @ PSU

Honestly I don’t know which of these teams are better. I do know that there are two teams sitting at home from their conference that are better. This comes down to the old theory that if everyone loves one team, it can pay off to bet opposite. 95% of the talk out there is about Penn State getting in or getting screwed out of the Playoff. Excuse me but don’t they still have to beat Wisconsin first to be considered? I am assuming if I see all the media overlooking the Badgers, then a bunch of 18-22 year old kids may also come across it on tv/social media. I’ll take the team no one is talking about. No Respect!

Mountain West Title: San Diego St.  @ Wyoming Over 61

This bet is all about the Wyoming defense seemingly becoming non existent as the season wraps up. Mountain West Offensive Player of the Year Donnell Pumphrey should eat all day. Wyoming and Brian Hill can counter with their own explosive rushing attack. This number seems way low, which scares me. But Rule #17 of Betting the Over Club is if it scares you, put on your big boy pants and bet it anyways.

Big 12 “Title”: Oklahoma St. @ Oklahoma Over 77.5

Two explosive offenses will be on full display here. Both teams know they have very slim chances of making the Playoff, so they have nothing to lose. I see both teams opening up the playbook and throwing everything but the kitchen sink out there. Not sure who pulls out the win but that doesn’t matter when betting the Over. God I love the over. Gimme all your points!

That’s all she wrote. Hoping for chaos this week, just to see how the Playoff committe reacts. Either way, enjoy Championship Weekend….because soon it’ll all be over and we’ll be counting down to next season. And those of you fading my picks I wish you well, but…

#BOOM #Cheers #SaturdaysAreForTheOver #EveryDayIsForTheOver #ChampionshipWeekIsForTheOver

Week 11: It’s Not The Size That Matters

While last week was filled with quantity, this week is all about quality. I went over the slate of Week 11 games and rather than just picking games for the sake of picking games, I’m giving you a handful of picks I will have the most money on. The number of bets may be down but as my first girlfriend told me, size doesn’t matter…

As for last week.

Well, well, well. Will you look at that?  Back to back winning weeks for your boy. We rebounded from the Thursday night loss to finish with a 7-5 week. Being completely wrong about the Ducks game really kept us from a huge week…


Sitting at 15-9 since the return of the blogs, it’s time to turn our attention to Week 11. Only giving out 7 picks this week, all of which you should bet against. But when I go 7-0, you can expect me to laugh in your face. And away we go…

North Texas @ WKU Over 65

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I am going to keep betting Western Kentucky Overs until one of my friends lets me bet the Under.”A very smart human (me last week)

New week same strategy.

50, 52, 44, 59, 52, 49…those are the points WKU has hung on their opponents the last 6 weeks. The unfortunate recipient of this week’s offensive attack is the Mean Green of UNT. Last week Louisiana Tech hung a 45 on the scoreboard against the Mean Green…which means WKU should break the half-century mark. North Texas averages just under 29ppg and I think they get close to that as they play catch up throughout.


Final Predictiom: WKU 54 North Texas 27


UTSA @ Louisiana Tech Over 66

Do you like points? Do you like offense? Do you like passing? Do you like quarterbacks?

Well if you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you my friend will enjoy this ball game.

Ryan Higgins and his 3167 passing yards and 30 TD will welcome the Road Runners to Louisiana Saturday afternoon. Expect Higgins and the Bulldogs to score early and often, meaning UTSA will have to try to keep up. While his stats may not be quite as eye popping, Dalton Sturm is no slouch. Sturm enters the weekend with almost 1,700 yards and a 16/5 td/int ratio. Make sure you take the over in this 3:30pm matchup. Your hangover should be subsided and your lunch should be digested. Crack a beer, put your feet up, and make that money.

Final Prediction: LaTech 48 UTSA 31


la tech fans.gif


Kentucky +14 @ Tennessee

Too many points! That simple. Kentucky is over .500 and looking to get a bowl game. Outside of last week’s loss to Georgia, the Wildcats have been trending upwards and gaining momentum.

You know what the opposite of momentum is? Tennesse Volunteer Football.

Sure the Volunteers beat up on Tennessee Tech last week, but prior to that they lost 3 straight games. Oh ya…did I mention their “Star” running back also decided to transfer mid-season. Butch Jones came into the season with high expectations and has fallen flat on his face.

To teams heading in opposite directions. Take the points and watch UK try to pull the “upset”. I am not sure if they will pull it off buy they should easily stay inside of 2 tds.

Final Prediction: Tennessee 34 Kentucky 27


USF @ Memphis Over 73.5

That feeling when Memphis scores 51 points in the 1st 3 Quarters last week and you still don’t hit the Over (Thanks a lot SMU, you’re dead to me)…


That feeling when you you look at the Week 11 Schedule and see Memphis is playing South Florida…

While it may not be watched by too many people outside of Memphis and South Florida, this may just be the most entertaining game of the week. Quinton Flowers may be the best QB no one talks about in college football. He will raise his season numbers to over 2,000 passing yards and 1,000 rushing yards Saturday. I think his legs will be difference and allow him and the Bulls to out score Riley Ferguson and the Tigers.

Final Prediction: USF 48 Memphis 45


Wyoming -8 @ UNLV

How bout dem Cowboys!?!? Well not those Cowboys but Wyoming is still the pick here. My reasoning here is pretty simple. Brian Hill. Another player that the novice fan will have never heard of…but that’s the advantage of having a gambling problem. 1,298 rush yards for Hill on the season, which i think grows significantly this week. The UNLV defense surrendered 141 yards to Donnel Pumphrey (Only back in America that is comparable to Hill). In that same game, Pumphrey’s backup Rashaad Penny rushed for 110 yards of his own. San Diego State and Wyoming run very similar offenses and feature an elite back. SDSU beat UNLV by 19 points and I think Wyoming to ground and pound their way to an easy victory too.

Final Prediction: Wyoming 37 UNLV 24


Cal @ Wazzu -15 / Over 83

Was there ever any doubt? Of course I am going back to the Mike Leach well.

Does this look like a guy that gives a f*ck.

I don’t think so. Wazzu is on fire and playing a Cal team that just got 60 points dumped on them by Washington. The Cougars dropped 69 points last week against Arizona in a blow out because Mike Leach doesn’t believe in taking his foot off the gas. Since they are playing Cal, I have to add the Over too. Cal can’t stop anyone and plays fast. Perfect recipe for falling behind big and scoring a lot of meaningless points late. This is the late night special you need to cap off a winning day. Follow Mike and the Cougars to the bank…its that way…

Final Prediction: Wazzu 59 Cal 34


Keep a look out on the Twitter (@BetOppositeOfMe) for any additional adds that are encouraged by adult recreational beverages.

Less games than normal but I love them all. Love Love Love Love Them! That means I am either going 7-0 or going to cry myself to sleep Saturday Night. The question you have to ask yourself is which will it be. Go ahead, fade the picks…I dare you…

#BOOM #Cheers #SaturdaysAreForTheOver 

Week 10: ‘Bout That Action Boss

Went over this week’s slate of games and wrote down all the bets I liked. I started whittling down the list, when I realized why not just bet them all. As the great poet Beast Mode once said…

lynch action.gif

Started off the comeback tour with an 8-4 Saturday (6-3 in the blog and 2-1 in late Twitter Adds). While betting  opposite of me may not have paid off for you last week (which I am very plea$ed about), that typically means  I am due to give my book a hefty chunk of cash come next Monday. Not going to lie, I spent Tuesday driving to the World Series. Tuesday night at the game. The early hours of Wednesday playing black jack and sipping Jacks n’ Cokes. And driving back from outta state Wednesday. In other words, my mind, body, and soul are on empty. There will not be  much content with each pick this week, but plenty of action to bring me back to life on Saturday. Just quick thoughts on how my degenerate mind picked each game. So enough is enough, here are all the picks you want to fade…and as always I hope you lose if you do….

Ucla @ Colorado Over 57


**UPDATE: I am an idiot and this prediction was wrong (Besides Colorado winning). 0-1 Start.

Are the Buffaloes back (is that how you spell Buffaloes)? I think they are. And if they really are, no better time to show it than primetime Thursday night game vs. Ucla. I think Colorado looks to say hello to America Thursday night by putting up some points. UCLA made not have the Rosen One any more but they have actually started to open up the passing attack since his injury. Not your typical Pac 12 shootout but enough points should fall to hit the Over.

Final Prediction: Colorado 38 Ucla 27




Temple -10 @ Uconn


Temple didn’t let us down last week and I can’t see them letting us down here. While I genuinely think the Owls are a good team, I could not be less impressed with Uconn. They simply can’t/don’t/won’t score points. They play football more suited for the 1940’s or a Thursday night NFL game. I am serious, if you want to get a glimpse at what your grandparents grew up watching on black and white tv (Hell maybe listening to on the radio), check on Uconn. No lie, I watched them punt on 3rd down once. If Temple gets to 24 points they cover (May only need to get to 11 points though)

Final Prediction: Temple 31  Uconn 13

owl turn.gif

hidden temple.gif


Notre Dame @ Navy +6.5

Navy coming off a loss and everyone is abandoning ship (bad pun intended)? Not this guy, especially against the 2016 Notre Dame Defense. I have watched far inferior offenses and rushing attacks shred ND this season. You know what can help get their defense back on track? Sure as hell not an 11:30AM kickoff, neutral site*, against a triple option attack? Navy wins this game, but take the points. If you want sprinkle some cash on that MoneyLine too.

Final Prediction: Navy 38 Notre Dame 31

sad nd fan.gif

in the navy.gif


Memphis @ SMU Over 64.5

Memphis, a team a typically take in Overs + SMU, another team I typically take in Overs = Not Taking The Under. No real feel on who wins but I think Ferguson and the Tigers shred the Mustangs’ defense and SMU makes some big plays on the home turf at night. Both teams hit 30 and one will get to 40.

Final Prediction: Memphis 41 SMU 34

mustang smoke.gif

tiger money gif.gif


GTech @ North Carolina Over 61.5

This is a game where I feel like you look at the BottomLine and its 28-28 at the end of the 1st half. Million Dollar question, as it is every week with the GTech…will the option work? My guess is yes, meaning they run up and down the field. This will means Mitch Trubisky and Elijah Hood will have to keep pace. In the end, I think the Tar Heels’ ability to throw the ball will win out.

Final Prediction: UNC 42 GTech 37

gtech cely.gif

unc dab.gif


Florida @ Arkansas +4

SEC East stinks, so only makes sense for Florida possibly blow it soon. Hate Brett Bielema with everything I got but every now and then the guys wins big games. I think Arkansas tried to establish the run early and then turn to the passing game as the game moves on. I don’t know if they pull the upset but this feels like a nail biter. Think its decided by a FG or less, either way.



Final Prediction: Florida 24 Arkansas 21


Arizona @ Washington State -17

Fact. Arizona stinks.

Fact. Washington State Is Good

Fact. Arizona does not have this guy…


Fact Washington State does have this guy…

leach rool.jpg

Final Prediction: Washington State 41 Arizona 17



FIU @ Western Kentucky Over 67

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I am going to keep betting Western Kentucky Overs until one of my friends lets me bet the Under. Hilltoppers top 50 and just need a little help from FIU. Bet it and forget it!

Final Prediction: Western Kentucky 52 FIU 24

score 1.gif



Oregon -17 @ USC / Over 79

Watched enough of USC last week to know their Freshman QB is legit as f*ck. Guy will light up the scoreboard vs. the Duck’s defense. That being said, Oregon has slowly turned their season around and I see them scoring a bunch themselves. While I think USC wins for sure, I think the Ducks can stay inside the number. Expect a lot of fireworks at the Colosseum and a closer game than Vegas thinks.

Final Prediction: USC 52 Oregon 41

oregon cheer.gif

usc cheer.gif


Alabama -7.5 @ LSU

Hey, I’ll fully admit I hope I am wrong here…but just don’t see LSU being able to pull the upset here. Bama has shown they can contain/shut down Fornette…and if they do that again Saturday night…it will be Roll Damn Tide all the way to the bank. The honeymoon may be over for Coach O, as Saban ends the run and probably any chance Coach O has at the full time gig.

Final Prediction: Bama 41 LSU 20




ECU @ Tulsa Over 75.5

Tulsa has been a dream team for Overs (High paced scoring offense and piss poor defense).ECU’s style fits perfect with this for what may be one of the highest scoring games of the day. Saturday, 8pm. Mark your calendar. Could help make your winning week bigger or save your week. Just make sure you take this. BOOM Over of the Week



Final Prediction: 1000000000 Points (Actually Tulsa 52 ECU 41)

And that’s that. Lots of action for those who have a problem like me. I hope you beers are cold, your pizzas warm, and every game goes over. Because Saturdays are for the Over. Go get that money boys and girls. Follow em or fade em, I don’t care but just remember, if you BOOM..then…

harambe middle finger.gif

#BOOM #Cheers #SaturdaysAreForTheOver

Hello Boys! I’m Back!

hello im back.gif

Long time no blog. I know you all thought I was gone for good but as you’ve seen recently on The Twitter {@BetOppositeOfMe}, I am back up in running. Wish I had a cool story like I won the Powerball, found myself a sugar momma, or actually got a life…but honestly I forgot the password. Luckily I was sitting on my couch finishing off my 19th beer of last Saturday, watching an Over hit…when I flipped over to TBS and it all came back to me…


Well enough of the small talk, you’ve all been sitting on the edge of your seat for nearly a year waiting for this. Time to give you some bets that are sure to go wrong. Just remember the three rules of BOOM:

  1. Bet the opposite of me if you wanna win (But if you do I hope you lose)
  2. Friends don’t let friends bet unders
  3. Saturdays Are For The Overs


UCF @ Houston Over 59

Back to the basics baby! I feel like betting Houston Overs is something I will tell my kids’ kids about some day. Kinda like how my grandparents talked about walking up hill in the snow both ways, yada yada yada.  Instead with me it will be “Kids, I was betting Houston overs in the 70’s when people were scared to bet Over 50. Sitting around sucking down Keystones, texting my bookie on a flip phone,watching Kevin Kolb and Case Keenum make it rain!”

While Houston is a large reason why I like this play, UCF is getting better and better on offense, as they continue to adapt to Scott Frost’s new offense. You will be seeing A LOT of Overs from me in UCF games in the future…as they are slowly morphing into a Houston type team. Plus this team just screams swag…


As for the home team. Pretty simple one here. People are down on Houston after suffering 2 losses. I get it. But that means angry Cougars here. It also means angry Tom Herman…and the only thing Tom Herman likes more than kissing his players is scoring points…


Final Prediction: Houston 45 UCF 27



Arizona State @ Oregon Over  75.5

Answer:  41, 51, 70, 52…Question: How many points have Oregon’s opponents scored the last 4 weeks?

That’s not exactly great defense right there. I don’t see them shutting down Arizona State today, which means QB Dakota Prukop and RB Royce Freeman will have to keep pace. There was a time when I would bet every penny I owned, {and rob a bank to get more money} on an Oregon Over this “Low”. While those days are gone, the Ducks seem to be starting to gain some momentum. Best guess is Arizona State comes out quick, take an early lead, then the Ducks storm back and kick them in the face.



Final Prediction: Oregon 44 Arizona State 35



Baylor @ Texas +3.5 / Over 74

Noticing a trend here? Yup, going back to what got me here. Overs on Houston, Oregon, and now Baylor. However, in this case I think Texas does a lot of the heavy work…as they pull off the upset in a shootout. Charlie Strong’s tenure is on life support and this game might be for his job. Sure Baylor is undefeated but 5 of those wins came against the likes of NWestern State, SMU, Rice, Iowa State, Kansas…not exactly challenging. While I don’t think Texas’ defense will be a huge step up in competition, there offense should be. I expect a large dose of D’Onta Foreman on the ground to start off, which will open up the passing game for Shane Buechle to hit some big plays over the top. If they can’t establish the run early, it could be a long day as Baylor will be looking to do the exact same thing with Seth Russell and Shock Linwood . My money is on the home team and the Over, as Texas’ offense finds a few more big plays and their defense making a big stop or two late.

Final Prediction: Texas 48 Baylor 45

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WVU @ Oklahoma State +3.5 / Over 63.5

Is Western Virginia the real deal? Maybe. But I am not convinced. I’ve watched enough Big 12 Football over the years and this just has the feel of an upset. Every year it seems like an undefeated team out of nowhere, who is finally starting to get some attention, goes on the road and loses…and I think that’s what we have here.  The Cowboys can and will win this game, so getting 3 plus the hook is just a bonus. Plus its impossible not to back a team with such an electric fan base…


Final Prediction: Oklahoma State 41 WVU 34



Cincinnati @ Temple -7

Don’t care who is at QB for the Bearcats, I just don’t think they can hang with the Owls. Normally taking the points between similar opponents is the play, but I think this is a statement spot for Temple.Remember the name Ryquell Armstead…


Ryquell Armstead. Temple’s running back, will lead the charge and help the owls pull away late.

Final Prediction: Temple 34 Cincinnati 20

temple yess.gif


Washington @ Utah Over 53.5

This bet is all about the Quarterbacks. Most everyone knows about Jake Browning at Washington, as he is quietly building his Heisman case. I feel confident that he will do his part in leading a potent passing attack against the Utes’ defense. The secret to the Over here though, is Troy Williams. While his numbers don’t always jump off the stat sheet, the dual threat quarterdeck is looking to show his former team (Transferred from Washington) what they are missing. I could see Williams passing for 250+ and nearing the century mark on the ground. This Over seems too low and I wish I could get better odds to take it at 64. But oh well, 54 will have to do.

Ill Score If you Score

Final Prediction: Washington 37  Utah 31



Tulsa @ Memphis Over 73.5

I have bet the Over in this matchup for the past several years and there is no reason to stop now. Tulsa has Dane Evans back leading the offensive attack, and while Memphis doesn’t have Paxton Lynch anymore they do still have this guy…


Final Prediction: Memphis 52 Tulsa 42

And there it is. It feels great to back. Haven’t felt this alive since…well, since gambling last night. As always keep a look out for any late adds on the Twitter ( @betoppositeofme ). Clean slate for blog picks since I took a year off but for those of you that remember, fade these picks and get rich….but as always I hope you lose then.

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Week 7: Well That Escalated Quickly


Week 6 was not one to remember, unless you bet opposite of me. After starting off solidly, my week quickly went to shambles as the afternoon and evening slates kicked off. Had a couple tough losses but them the breaks. The 3-6 week is behind us now and my full attention turns to Week 7.  My biggest takeaway moving forward is that I was right to never bet Unders. God it was awful watching a game and cheering for no points, only to lose an Under 37.5 (What I locked it at pre-kickoff) by a meaningless TD late to make the final score 38-0. From this point forward I will NEVER bet an Under in college football game, take that to the bank. Speaking of Overs, we started Week 7 off with a nice win, easily hitting the Over in Arkansas State/South Alabama Tuesday Night (see pick @betoppositeofme on Twitter).

Now let’s build on that Tuesday Night Over Hit….the picks are in (you will see a lot of familiar names):

North Texas @ Western Kentucky -32.5

Shocker here I know, not betting a WKU over. I also rarely like to lay this many points but this is a rare case. North Texas is awful….and I mean AWFUL.  They lost 66-7 to Portland Freaking State (FCS School) last game. That not bad enough for you? Well Iowa hung 62 on them earlier this season. Iowa! Western Kentucky’s offense is 10000000x more explosive than Iowa’s. So long as the Hilltoppers show up and don’t mind running it up early, this one should be pretty easy (well as easy as a game where you need to win by almost 5 tds can be).

Final Prediction:  Western Kentucky 63 North Texas 20


Houston @ Tulane Over 60.5

Last week it took a miracle heave by SMU to hit the Houston Over, but I am confident enough to give it a shot again. I trust Houston’s offense to do their part to get to this number, the question is can Tulane help out. I am banking on them pulling out all stops to try to hang in this game. Hopefully Tulane can put together a couple drives, maybe a trick play or special teams TD. Even if you don’t want to back the Over here, I can’t recommend to you enough that you should tune in to this game Friday Night. Why? Because Greg Ward Jr is the best player in college football no one is talking about.

Final Prediction: Houston 45 Tulane 23

greg ward

Akron @ Bowling Green -11.5

After last week’s performance I have no choice but to put my money behind BG again this week. While the Falcons defense always gives other teams a chance, I just can’t turn my back on QB Matt Johnson and that offense. The Zips might hang around for a bit, but in the end I think Bowling Green pulls away in the 2nd half.

Final Prediction: Bowling Green 45 Akron 24

bowling green int

bowling green week 7

Florida +9.5 @ LSU

Pretty simple here. Everyone is jumping off the Florida train now that QB Will Grier is suspended for one year. While this will obviously hurt like hell, I think the line/public betting, is too far has shifted too far to the LSU side. The Gators defense is real and I think if any team can at least “Slow Down” Leonard Fornette, its this one. I picture the Gators stacking the box and trying to make Brandon Harris be the one to beat them. Until I see that Harris can do that, I don’t feel comfortable laying this many points. In what I think will be a low scoring affair, I say take the points and enjoy.

Final Prediction: LSU 27 Florida 20



Ole Miss @ Memphis Over 69

Really kicking myself for not snagging this one on Monday when it first was post at 64.5. Regardless, I thought this game should have been in the mid-70’s so I still see the value in the play.  This game features Memphis’ 4th Ranked Offense (47.8 ppg) and Ole Miss’ 5th Ranked Offense (46.8 ppg). While this is obviously the biggest test for Memphis on the season, and it’s not really close, I think they should be able to attack the Rebels’ secondary. The key will be Memphis’ ability to give standout quarterback Patrick Lynch time to air it out. I think the absence of elite Safety Tony Conner could really show in this ballgame. On the other side of the field, I think Ole Miss will be able to drive up and down the field on the Tigers. I could easily see Chad Kelly having himself a day, including a couple TD passes to Laquon Treadwell. I’m hoping Memphis can stay close in this shootout, making this a must-watch in the Noon time slot.

Final Prediction: Ole Miss 45 Memphis 34

chad kelly


Alabama @ Texas A&M +4

While I don’t recommend betting against Bama very often, this is a spot I am going to give it a shot. This one is all about the matchup.  Texas A&M will bring their spread offense and athletic skill positions onto the field Saturday, and see how they stack up with Alabama; the measuring stick of any SEC team trying to prove they are elite. If Alabama has any “weakness” on defense, it is their secondary…which I think will lead to big plays for Freshman sensation Christian Kirk. The biggest issue here will be trying to contain the Bama running attack, but IF they can…I have little faith in Bama’s QB situation. As I stated, fading Bama is not something I like to do, but lets take the home team in a crazy atmosphere.

Final Prediction: Texas A&M 34 Alabama 30

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Michigan State +8 @ M*chig*n

Short and sweet here. Michigan State getting 8 points here would have been unthinkable coming into this season. As a Buckeyes fan I will even admit Jim H has the Wolverines way ahead of schedule and a threat to with the B1G.  BUT…I think this is the perfect spot for the Spartans to get back in the good graces of the public (0-6 vs. spread). I am banking on the MSU struggles being more due to boredom and playing down to competition. D’Antoni is a master of motivation and he has plenty to work with here. 8 point underdog? Little Brother? No respect despite owning the series the last several year? That’s enough to sell me that the Spartans will show up to play and should not be getting this many points.

Final Prediction: Michigan State 23 M*chig*n 20



And there it is. Will be adding a few games probably on Saturday, will post them on Twitter ( @betoppositeofme ). Sitting at 29-25-1 on NCAAF Season, it is time for a bounce back week. Or maybe last week was the beginning of my demise and you should fade me….but if you do that….

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